What is a UAE business license?

The business license in the UAE serves the same purpose as any other license which allows your business to carry out particular activities, such as provide medical or financial services. The difference is that in the UAE, no matter what type of activities your business is involved in, your company must hold a license in which these activities are stated. Would it be gardening services, running a grocery store, or an activity which we are used to seeing as licensable, such as providing financial services, every company must possess a business license in which the activities of the company are listed, and only then the company can engage in these activities.

Usually, the business license issued during the incorporation holds three to five activities listed in it, however, if you would like your corporation to expand into providing more than just that, you would have to inquiry the authorities and have additional activities added to the business license of your company. Having more activities in the license is more expensive, therefore, sometimes, incorporation of a new company could prove to be a better solution.

If you are not sure how to start, which jurisdiction, free zone or type of company to choose, would like to expand your business beyond your current business license, or would like to get assistance during the process, do not hesitate to contact us and get a personalized solution which will suit your case best.

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