How to obtain the Curacao gaming license?

Steps of obtaining a Curacao iGaming license with Nomad Law:


Discussion about the process, timing, pricing, formal and practical requirements of the customer, legal structure, future cash flows and banking solutions. Providing answers to all relevant questions the customer might have. If, during the discussion, it becomes evident that a more sophisticated ownership structure is required, a separate proposal is prepared based on best business practices and specific legal/tax requirements of the customer.


Incorporation of the Curacao company, B.V. or N.V., which will be applying for the license. The company must have a local registered address and appoint a local representative who will manage the Curacao company. Every officer, authorized person, shareholder, director or ultimate beneficial owner of the established Curacao company will have to provide the following documents:

  • Certified passport copies.
  • Proof of address - originals or certified copies of utility bills.
  • Police clearance certificates/certificates of no criminal record.
  • CVs, resumes or LinkedIn profiles.
  • Bank reference letters.
  • Proof of domain ownership.


Arrangement of the required IT solutions in Curacao in order to meet the requirements related to the infrastructure. The software documentation, including the copy of the software agreement, is a must in order to obtain the Curacao gaming license.


The process of obtaining the pre-approval from the most suitable master license holder. In the meantime, with our assistance, the client starts collecting required documents for acquiring the Curacao gaming license.


Preparation of Terms and Conditions, privacy and AML policies as well as all other documentation that will be required. During this step, we discuss specific provisions with the client, ensuring that what we prepare corresponds with client’s vision for their project. This is an important step during which the long-term objectives are evaluated, since the standard of the AML/KYC documentation which is required by the Curacao regulator in order to obtain the license does not live up to the standard which is required in order to secure reliable banking solutions.


Simultaneously, the establishment of a payment processing company in Europe takes place. Agency agreement between the two companies (the Curacao license holder and the European payment processing agent) is prepared.


Opening a bank account. In order to save time, the process is initiated before the license is issued – the payment institution is able to start examining some of the documents in advance and grant the decision on account opening faster after the license is obtained. When the license is obtained, the bank account opening is finalized.


Nomad Law prepares a guidebook which contains general guidelines for the client on staying in compliance with applicable legal requirements and keeping the company operational and in good standing.

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